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destroy the idea that biological families are more valid than other forms of family. destroy the idea that your parents/sibilings/extended relatives have an inherent right to be a part of your life if you dont want them to be

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#also the stigma against adoption is all tied up with this too #dont forget that
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This is HUGE! It happened in TEXAS! And the world should know about it! #Transguy Mel Gonzales won Homecoming King of Austin High (which is just outside of Houston.) Absorb Mel’s words posted a few days before the election… (And thank you Trina Pham for the photo!)

"Homecoming court 2014. In case I don’t get a chance to speak… I never wanted to make it as a popularity contest. Rather, I wanted to prove that an openly transgender male could make court. I don’t want to be just your homecoming king — I want to be your female-to-male homecoming king. It may not be a big deal to you, but this is for my LGBT community, for my Gay-Straight Alliance, and for my underdogs who don’t get enough representation. You are capable, so always keep at it. ‪#‎ftm‬ ‪#‎trans‬ ‪#‎homecoming‬ king”

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The last comforting piece. I’ll just leave it here.

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for those who do not know who cybersix is.

I always feel so pained when people don’t know Cybersix.

Cybersix is a forgotten national treasure of Canadian programming — it’s an unexpected collaboration between the Japanese studio TMS Animation and the Canadian animation network Teletoon. It’s a loose adaptation of the Argentine comic of the same name and cancelled only after a 13 episode season run (probably because it was too good to exist) and market distribution thereafter has been limited and obscure at best.

The MC is genderqueer/nonbinary who presents as a male teacher by day and a lady crime fighter by night, has a brother who also happens to be a panther who also fights crime, has a bara love interest who is drawn to both identities, the villains are ex-Nazi SS agents, AMAZING ANIMATION, and so many other great things.

Also the opening is gorgeous.

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emotional sensitivity is not weakness

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i went to my first pe class last night. i am reminded of the fact that i still can’t exercise without huge amounts of body monitoring. 

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I hate that feeling when you’re not necessarily sad, but you just feel really empty and every little thing gets to you and everyone that talks to you makes you angry and you want to punch everyone in the face

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absolutely destroy the idea that you have to be loved romantically and love romantically

destroy the idea that the end goal of life is to get into a romantic relationship/marriage

romantic love isn’t a requirement to live life and it never will be

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i saw some wall-e today and so i„,  (╯3╰)




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Anonymous asked: Could you maybe draw Robin and Beast Boy fluff? I understand if you don't. Not too many people are fond of the pairing.











my dorks uvu/

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ugh, like there is LITERALLY no canonical evidence for the ~han solo: space womanizer~ head canon. like, when he first meets the ONE female character in the entire series that he interacts with he is GROUCHY and SHOUTY at her, not sauve and dashing. she thinks he is a tool and tells him this multiple times. not really smooth and charming.

he then takes to following her around on Hoth and practically pulling her pigtails asking ” DO YOU LIKE ME? YES/NO? (PLS SAY YES)” with hearts in his eyes. (Chewie probably had to throw out like a HALF DOZEN old notebooks that were filled with awful power ballads/poetry/odes to her and “Mr. Han Organa” written in different fonts)

when it comes to the iconic ‘i know’ in response to Leia’s proclamation of love, Ford has stated that it’s out of PURE CONCERN for HER FEELINGS (“the point is that I’m not worried about myself anymore, I’m worried about her” - DIRECT QUOTE), it was NOT a ‘boss’ move or ‘so swagtastic it hurts’ it was an apology that he couldn’t be there for her, it was an attempt to make her smile, to make it hurt less than if he had said the words too and then was forced to leave her. (not that he would have been much help; remember that han solo spends the majority of the 3rd film mostly blind and feeble, unable to take care of himself and generally getting in the way while Leia Gets Shit Done)

when he does say the words, it’s with the most adoring and awestruck expression. those words are fused with more than just love and respect. he’s almost HONOURED that he gets to love this badass babe and that she allows him to exist in her orbit.

 AND THEN he loves Leia so much that he’s willing to step aside so she can be happy with the man he believes she wants. and valuing a woman’s choices and feelings over your own is not exactly womanizing behaviour - so where did this headcanon come from??

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when i reach 100 followers i will celebrate with the activation of aeration weeks and also hopefully the beginnings of an underlying plot

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when your song comes on the radio and you’re tryna feel it but the other person/people in the car won’t stop talking


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