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Dear Anon, 

Many of my shipping dreams have been crushed by that update, particularly those involving blackrom and Dave in troll quadrants. But as far as Karezi goes, I feel the same way about it as I did before the update. The important thing to remember is that Karkat and Terezi’s relationship is, very intentionally, an arc (I will once again make the claim that it’s the only romance arc in Homestuck), and things are going to be dark before they get better. In my opinion, what we’ve seen from Karkat and Terezi in this intermission is a pretty direct continuation of where we left them off in A6I3. I’ll explain myself. 

Firstly, Karkat. When we last saw him in A6I3, he’d come to terms with the fact that Terezi was no longer interested in him, and while he made no secret of the fact that he still had feelings for her, he wanted to help her solely as a friend, because that’s what she wanted. 

This is still exactly what he’s doing. She’s expressed no further interest in him, but he’s still really concerned about her well-being, despite the fact that he feels like she’s pushing him away! I would find it hard to believe that Karkat ever got over Terezi, despite the fact that he’s now utterly resigned to just being her friend. He still really cares about her, and from the way he’s talking, he’s going to actively try to help her over her problems and rebuild their relationship (I’m using ‘relationship’ in the more general sense). 

My guess would be that it’s on Terezi’s end that you’re feeling uncertain. Now, she hasn’t said anything yet, so we don’t know exactly how she’s feeling, but we do know that she’s 1) way too close to Gamzee, because she’s 2) using the relationship as an unhealthy coping mechanism, because she 3) has about a thousand justifiable reasons to be breaking down right now. I won’t go into them all here, but I’ll refer you to this post

The other thing is that as of A6I3, Terezi must feel like she’s burned all her bridges: she gave up on Karkat, she couldn’t be honest with Dave, and the big one: she killed Vriska. She’s grown apart from all the important people in her life, except for Gamzee, and that, I suspect, is why she’s thrown herself into this unhealthily close relationship with her kismesis. 

Terezi’s not as far along in her own character arc as Karkat is; she has more growing up to do. And I really think that as she grows up, Karkat is going to be very important to her. She’s not being distant from him because she doesn’t like him anymore: far from it. She feels like she messed up with him permanently (she’s probably embarrassed, if not downright ashamed, of the way she used to act toward him) and right now she’s not exactly ready to confront her problems and insecurities. 

But when she does, I’m sure that Karkat will still be right behind her, like he has been for the past three years as she sorts herself out. As I’ve said before, she never stopped liking Karkat, she just couldn’t get the kind of attention from him that she wanted, and gave up. And I think that when she’s done being codependent with Gamzee, she’ll want to start a relationship with Karkat again. That’s something that I really really really want to see happen, because of all the reasons we’ve shipped Karezi in the past, and now because it shows that they really are important to each other and good for each other. I really hope they get together in the endgame, and I’m pretty sure they will. 

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