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This post is specifically addressed to anyone who believes that all human beings are people; anyone on the ally spectrum for unborn rights.

Pro-life, pro-choice, it doesn’t matter. If you believe that a pregnant person’s rights supersede those of their child, we can debate competing rights and the role of law some other day. Or not: if you don’t want to debate anything, that’s cool too! If we can just agree that all human beings are ‘real’ people, there’s a lot we can accomplish without having to bring the government into it at all. 

We can spread awareness that:

  • All human beings are ‘real’ people who deserve respect, regardless of their age, level of development, or current capacity to express themselves.
  • For most of humanity’s history, scientific ignorance about the beginning of life and prenatal development has shaped our views on the unborn.
  • Like other children, the unborn have historically been regarded as the property of their parents, when they’ve been recognized as individuals at all. 
  • Unborn children who belong to another marginalized group—those who are female, disabled, of a minority race, etc.—face a greater risk of death by abortion. 
  • Dehumanization of the unborn in our culture affects the way we treat them, and needs to be actively fought. 

And there’s so much to do:

  • Educate yourself on the unborn. A good resource is the Endowment for Human Development, and there are many other free resources online.
  • Fight dehumanization by changing the language: never refer to a human being as ‘it’ (unless, I suppose, they’ve specifically asked you to), and don’t call an embryonic or fetal human by the bare term ‘embryo’ or ‘fetus’, as if a fetal human were the same thing as a fetal pig or cat. 
  • Support organizations like Birthright, which save the lives of unborn children by providing pregnant people with the support they need to continue the pregnancy. 
  • Seeing another human being is the first step towards empathizing with them and respecting them. Visibility matters, especially for a group that has for so long been literally invisible. Expose yourself to ultrasounds and other images of the unborn, and share them with others. 

Regardless of anyone’s political positions, no one deserves to have their life ignored as if it were of no value. It doesn’t take much effort to take a few steps towards advancing human rights for all human beings. 

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